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I Never Knew How Exhilarting 'Relieving' Myself of 50 Things Could Be!

Hello Gail!


A dear friend gave me a copy of your book a few years ago and it had lived on my book shelf looking nice, but unread.


On June 21st (which was, coincidentally, the summer solstice, a Friday and the end of a pay period) I took early retirement and began to read your book at last. Since then I have been purging, sifting and sorting.

I had donated 16 very large…


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Where I Find Myself Today

What a great day it is going to be.  I made a list of items to take care of, which includes tossing out the old.  I started with my email and unsubscribing to 3 emails.  I don't want my inbox cluttered because it causes distractions from the obvious tasks.  I'll post January's 50 things on another post so you (and I) can watch it grow.




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love the idea, hate the title!

i'd rather title gail's book: 'Get Rid of Fifty Things'! i hate the idea of trashing more stuff out to the landfill so 'throwing out' stuff just doesn't sit right with me! But i do like that gail addresses the idea of recycling and donating before throwing away.

I am at about 40 things right now, but struggle with all the furniture the Salvation Army picked up recently. Chairs, tables, dressers, headboards....i think they should be separate items, not lumped into a 'furniture'… Continue

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Looking Forward to a Wonderful Journey

Last week I placed an order for several books I have been eyeing for some time now. As I was checking out, the book Throw Out Fifty Things caught my attention, so I added it to the order. I am so glad I did! It showed up yesterday, and I began reading.

I have been working on making over my house now for seven weeks. This week I was working on the Master Bedroom. Since that is where the book began, I dived right in. With in an hour, most of the room had been decluttered, using… Continue

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I am Wondering Where Day Two Went......

I know you all have been sitting on pins and needles, holding your breath awaiting the posting of day two of my throw out 50 things adventure.

I have a confession to make. I haven't gotten to day two yet. Life decided to intervene and I went out of town to visit my mom in Georgia.

I have another confession. I lost my Throw Out 50 Things book. I know it is in the house.....somewhere. I just haven't been able to put my hands on it lately. It must be avoiding me. I need to… Continue

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