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November 2011 Blog Posts (2)

The Tupperware Avalanche...

Does everyone have "that" cupboard? It's similar to "that" drawer in the kitchen that everyone has... The one with the dried Krazy Glue, the dead batteries, cords from 9 cell phones ago, instruction manuals to thinks you don't remember owning, twist ties, single screws, calendars from 1998, keys that go to nowhere... you know "that" drawer that acts as an orphanage to anything that will fit, even if you have to push it down with your foot before you close it. I have a cupboard. For all the…


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Thank You Gail Blanke!

***Here is a section from my blog***

Yesterday I returned from NYC where I had the honor of attending a three day, beautiful celebration for me and 99 of my colleagues from across the country. The final speaker for the event was Gail Blanke. Each of us received her book "Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the clutter, Find your life" and we also got to listen to her speak that morning. If you haven't had the chance to…


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