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A Little Angel

This evening, I smashed my finger in a door. Trying to handle everything myself was impossible, because I wasn't thinking clearly. Just then, my two year old came, said in his way, "Finger hurt, oil!" He proceeded to lead me to the cupboard where we keep the arnica oil for such occasions. After I treated myself, he stayed by my side, until I could see clearly.

I am learning that angels come in all sizes, and may even drag blankets around.

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Please PRAY!

I am rearranging everything about our home, and this is one hard job. It is constant in that both hubby and I feel we are moving things from one place to the other. I can see small changes happening, yet it is a huge process. When I think about the way clutter is cloistering my life, a story from Jesus jumps out: He was relating to the group how the prodigal son was craving the husks the hogs were hoarding. And Jesus puts it this way: "And when he had come to the end of himself..." That can… Continue

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Pain and Healing

First, I would like to publicly thank Gail for writing this book. I have learned more about uncluttering my home and mind in the past week than in all my life previously. You have given me the tools to let go of junk and indecision. Thank you.

Second, as I have been reading through the book, I have found all sorts of emotions and ideas locked in my thinking that I didn't even know were there. Thoughts of not deserving my husband's and family's love. Thoughts of not being pretty to be… Continue

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Feeling "Lighter" Part 2

I am going to commit to writing ten minutes a day in this blog. My mind has been cluttered so long with feelings of anger and guilt.... I feel as though I have been living so long with these toxic emotions and I need to purge them.... When I begin to clear clutter I feel overwhelmed but that feeling is replaced by a sense of accomplishment. I have also realized that I need to focus on just one task at a time.... It has taken me literally YEARS to learn that!!!! So I am writing in my blog and… Continue

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Feeling "Lighter"

I have started throwing "things" out and I feel as light as air. I firmly believe as soon as I remove more clutter from my living space I will begin to get rid of the extra girth I am carrying.... :)

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2nd List

Today I finished up ib the bedroom, by tackling the closet and the master bath.

The Closet:

An exercise ball.

A torn up foam cushion.

A dirty pair of flip-flops.

A small wall organizer that has never been used.

2 decks of card for kids games -- they went in the craft drawer. I am not going to 'protect' them any longer!

2 maternity shirts.

4 bloused that I don't wear.

1 skirt that does not fit.

8 items

Mater… Continue

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Looking Forward to a Wonderful Journey

Last week I placed an order for several books I have been eyeing for some time now. As I was checking out, the book Throw Out Fifty Things caught my attention, so I added it to the order. I am so glad I did! It showed up yesterday, and I began reading.

I have been working on making over my house now for seven weeks. This week I was working on the Master Bedroom. Since that is where the book began, I dived right in. With in an hour, most of the room had been decluttered, using… Continue

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Bought the book yesterday and began my list--lucky 13

Hi Everyone:

I am so excited to get started on cleaning up my clutter. I bought the book yesterday and came home and got started immediately in my bedroom. So far:

1. underwear

2. socks

3. turtlenecks

4. workout bra

5. shoes

6. bags

7. shoulder pads

8. t-shirts

9. shirts

10. Q-link

11. Chinese stress balls

12. jewelry

13. watches

I think that hitting 50 is going to be easy. I haven't even begun on my… Continue

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3 rules to be happy

As Dalai Lama said: our business is happiness. Each one of us is looking for happiness.

There are three rules you must learn if you want to be happy.

First rule:

Would having money make you happy?

What would you do if you lose all your money?

Does having a very good job make you happy?

What will you do if you lose your job?

If you want your happiness to depend on money, a new car, a party or a sunny day you are depending on something outside you.… Continue

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