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September 2012 Blog Posts (4)

Moving Right Along!

I've reorganized the house: moved the furniture around & even got rid of some.

The Bedroom:  The clutter that was all over the floor is now put away (bins of knitting yarn, bins of old photographs that I'm in the process of sorting out, bins of old clothes, the ironing board, an empty planter), and I moved out the office furniture and printer, etc., giving the room an open, relaxing feel.  I even cleaned off the balcony, getting rid…


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Long long ago

Its been over 3 years since I've been on here. My life has changed drastically. And the mess has built up. As in UP UP AND AWAY. I've gotten married, and my husband has a 4 year old daughter. I've moved 3 times in the past year, once to my home town for school, second was in with my husband after we got married, and third when we bought our house back in April. I hope Im done with it for a while. I was hoping to use the moving process as a clean out but it didnt work that way. We managed to…


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It's MY mess and it works for me!!!

Well, sometimes anyway! Recently, a big Wall Street Mogul was passing through my home office and remarked that

it seemed like a beehive of activity.....( in truth, I have nothing that I am involved in of great import, but i had just returned

from a month away and had dumped all the TO DO stuff in the office).........I said NOT really. He said BUT do YOU KNOW

WHERE EVERYTHING IS?  and I said Yes!  (kinda).Often,  with little help, I can go right to what i need within…


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Starting All Over Again...

I'm back after almost 3 years. Nothing much has happened in that time, at least nothing good. But I am ready to start over and am taking the next month, from today through October 2, to get my Life back on track and start a few new good habits. That includes getting rid of and keep out The Clutter Monster.  I just opened the Workbook and am going to begin in my bedroom (where I happened to be when I logged on).  I will be working in here for the foreseeable future (I hope no longer than 3-4…


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