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Getting Rid of Old Baggage

Inspired by one of Gail's recent emails (I swear, that woman could cheer up the gloomiest of souls), I decided to start simplifying my life by getting rid of some things I no longer use/need/want. And those turned out to be old handbags that were either too worn out or that I've never worn. Why hold onto something that doesn't have a purpose in my life? So the purging has begun, and I have a feeling I'll have moved from bags and other items to thoughts and actions before I hit the magic 50. I'm… Continue

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Free 1 Year Subscription to Website Magazine

This was forwarded to me yesterday, and I thought I would share this with all of my friends since most of you have a website of your own. This is the top magazine for people with a website, and they are giving away subscriptions to boost their readership. The free subscription is the one on the right side of the web page below:

Feel free to pass it along to your friends… Continue

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The Red Hat Rovers!

In case you're sensing a theme in the photo, this is my Red Hat group -- the Red Hat Rovers. And two weeks ago we roved to Merrimack Hall here in town and attended a program by Gail Blanke called Throw Out Fifty Things.

Based on her book Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life, the program sought to empower attendees by encouraging us to literally throw out fifty things in our homes and unclutter our lives both physically and emotionally.

Gail is a… Continue

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Thank you for your kind words.

I would like to thank everyone who has commented and shown so much support. I feel wonderful reading everything you all wrote.

Let's see...

It seems I decided to "start my life" in the worst economy ever.

I still do not have a steady paying job. You know, sometimes I feel this has been a kind of blessing. Since my income has decreased I have been forced,rather I have taken a look at things that are really important. Not everything is about money.

I was not raised… Continue

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Speaker Gail Blanke says 'throw out 50 things"

Posted by Deborah Storey September 11, 2009 9:35 AM

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Throw out 50 things.

Motivational speaker and life coach Gail Blanke threw out the challenge to a sold-out crowd at Merrimack Hall on Thursday night.

It sounds so simple until you go home and try it.

But by using humor and inspirational stories of those who have succeeded, Blanke was convincing in her argument that women should simplify their lives of… Continue

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WOW, I was definitely blown away by the spectacular event I spoke at on Thursday in Huntsville, Alabama. There was an overflow crowd of 400 people with a wait list of over 100. This was one of the best promoted and produced events I've ever been a part of. It was organized by the renowned Huntsville Hospital at the famed Merrimack Hall complex as part of their ongoing "Laugh and Learn" series - and it was an absolute "10" from this speaker's point of view. The audience was as good as it gets -… Continue

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I am just getting started.

I read through the Chapter 1 today and then went to work on my bedroom. Things I have already unloaded:

1) A jean jacket from the 80's I have no idea why I still had it and to make matters worse I have moved it twice in the last five years.

I donated it to a local school for the kids to use at recess when they have forgotten their coat.

2) One neglige, a pair of black pantyhose I wore one time at my sister-in-law's wedding 18 years ago, a pair of legwarmers (remember… Continue

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The Master Bathroom is Sorted and Clean!

I read the chapter on Bathrooms on Saturday. I thought about it on Sunday. I labored on Labor Day attacking the Master Bathroom first - I thought decision making would be easier since there was far less sentimental attachment to things. My husband thought I spent WAY too much time on the "project" and could have gotten a lot more done on more important things... I said that I was proud of my accomplishment and he wasn't going to take that away from me!

Highlights of the throw outs as… Continue

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Coming to our town

It was announced in Sunday's paper that Gail would be in Huntsville, AL one night 10 September 2009. Unfortunately due to the location chosen to host the event there is not enough room to seat the number of people interested in attending. Perhaps this is a good problem but bad for those that are not able to attend. Is there anything that can be done to additional seating or another date to accommodate the overflow crowd?

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