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Be who you really are

I threw out a very important thing that I wanted to share. I threw out my hair color that I have been using for 40+
years and let my hair go grey. Wow! I have gotten so many compliments and have been told that I even look
Younger. Now I think that I might change my makeup

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Fabulous note from very good friend

keep up the great work Donna!
Hi Gail…

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102 and still going!

I do my spring cleaning in the summer, as I'm a school teacher and have more free time then. I started my "pitch list" as a whim after seeing this website but I'm already up to 102 items! Interesting items include old dog toys, new but will never use dog toys, hair accessories, coffee mugs, nic-nacs, old stockings, makeup, magnets, duffel bags ext. I am now going to go work on my closet....wish me luck!

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been trying to clean out stuff I just dont use etc

I read 50 Things etc last week and was motivated to go through the house and look
at the stuff I didnt need anymore or use.
I started in the garage and found old shoes etc. I got the idea if it was just old junk stuff that needed to be
carried off to huge dumpsters at the landfill then I would just throw in the back of my pick up and when I was going
that direction go and throw the junk stuff out.
But I have a problem my mother who…

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Weeds are like the unnecessay things in life

I haven't gone through my things lately because the weather has been too nice to be indoors. Instead, I have been tending to my vegetable and flower garden.

Over the years I have built up my flower garden with many perennials. Some of the flowers started out from seeds that I picked from wild flowers.

This year I really think the flowers look spectacular. But, then I noticed that I allowed some pretty flowering Queen Anns Lace grow too close to the vegetable…


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Major Moves toward Real Progress

Been in a clearing out mode for a few weeks and found this site by accident but have been using it as my carrot to keep going. Bulldozed through the house, but mostly got rid of garbage aka mail that should have been straight in trash, broken things and such. Finally got through the house, including the guestroom which had become a catchall over the past few months after having established it as a guestroom.

So, today, I continued to purge by emptying my shop/junk room/office. It was…


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Looking For Angels

Here's something to let go of . Ready? Let go of thinking that you have to do everything yourself; that no one cares about "it" the way you do; that you're alone. You're not. So why do so many of us act like we are? The fact is, there are all sorts of people out there who can help us - and would if we gave them half a…


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