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I started...

Well, I started in the extra bedroom upstairs. I have a big garbage bag ready for the bin, and a few things to post on Freecycle. I still have a bit to go through in there, but it's already lots better. I might even be able to finally get the shelving up in there and get my fairies placed accordingly!

While there are many other areas in the house that need a good cleaning, my next big effort will be in the basement. Here is where I spend most of my time. Here is where I've piled stuff… Continue

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3 Rooms - 31 Things

I've been going through a rough patch for the past several months. A death in the family, mom coming to live with me, my son ill, and managing multiple projects at a very stressful job. I felt like crap. The usual escapes that gave me a lift - retail therapy, happy hours, and gabbing with pals on the phone - weren't doing the trick anymore. I didn't have time for counseling or massage appointments, but I knew I needed to do something. And then I found Gail's book.

Have made it through… Continue

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Where have all the emails gone...?

In a misguided effort to be the first cab off the rank, I signed up to switch my work laptop (which also acts, let's admit, as my home computer) to Windows 7. In a miscommunication with our IT Guy, I lost about 7 years of personal emails and email addresses.

Lessons learned? Always back up EVERYTHING and always be the SECOND cab off the rack in an IT roll-out.

So does this count as one more thing on my '50 Things' even though it was inadvertent?

While not…


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Too much crap makes my home depressing.

I have stuff everywhere. I don't consider myself a hoarder, but I have stuff from years ago. I have bags and bags of old clothes, other stuff from around the house boxed up, all with the intent of having a yard sale. Well, the thought of pricing all of those things, and carting them up by the truckload to my father's house (I don't live in a yard sale conducive environment) is overwhelming. So then I considered a different kind of yard sale, just putting it all out there and letting people give… Continue

Added by Lisa Newcomer on May 21, 2010 at 1:44pm — 2 Comments

So much stuff!

We just sold our house - not by choice, but by necessity. All of our "stuff" is in storage. Re-homed, donated, trashed a LOT, but now keep thinking of things I packed up that should have gone by the wayside! Definitely hit 50 things, plus, though. Now working on the mental and emotional clutter - now that's gonna be a lot of hard work! The biggest item of "clutter" that needs to be tossed out is my job....... it's such a huge emotional drain, but with things the way they are right now, gotta… Continue

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10 things gone

I started over the weekend and finished the bedroom and bathroom.

I got rid of:

1. 6 bags of clothes

2. Sheets for a bed I no longer have

3. hangers

4. Magazines

5. Old medicine

6. A moldy bathmat

7. a broken bath brush

8. old shampoo

9. a bag of samples from hotels I have visited

10. broken jewelry.

My bedroom feels so much better. It is clean and I can find things in the closet. I untangled all my jewelry and hung it up so I can… Continue

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My 35mm slide collection is SOLD!

Sold on Craigslist my large collection of travel slides this weekend! Yippeee! I have now more space and got some cash to boot!

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The clutter doesn't look any less...

I have re-housed a lot of things recently...I know clothes only count as one thing, but for example I have re-homed over 300+ items of clothing alone...

...then there's the dvds

...the cds

...the jewellery

...the make-up

..the music ephemera...

...the ornaments ( yuvk I hate ornaments)

..the books

....all magazines...

and so on and so on...

but what I don't…


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