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AT NUMBER 38! Yahoo!

This weekend, I used a cubbyhole type paper-sorter thingy to go through that pile of papers one more time....and sort the keepers into categories! Also threw quite a few more out that I missed before. I already counted this pile of paper in the 38 count.

Tossed out one box and some garbage.

Brought bag of donations to workplace. I already included these things in the 38 count.

I am so psyched at getting to 38....I am indeed,… Continue

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Making Time

I decided it was silly to put off the trip to the basement any longer. I don't have to pick my cousin up until 3pm. So, I dug in, and boxed up this stuff for the Good Neighbor's Thrift Store:

15. Extreme Ants Sports Pack (Antfarm)

16. Princess of Ireland Barbie

17. Molly AG mini-doll (with dog-chewed right hand)

18. Elaine Doll (I've had her 17 years, it's time to let go)

19. Monkey with velcro feet and hands

20. Plastic crown (From college fairy godmother costume,… Continue

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Slow Start

I began this program on May 5, and 10 days later I've only thrown out 14 things. But here's my list so far.

1. Two sets of old dishes (I bought new ones first)

2. Birdhouse gourd (after 4 years, I'm pretty sure it will never become a birdhouse)

3. 21 individual unmated socks

4. 31 romance novels

5. 1 box of gardening catalogs

6. 1 box of nursing school notes

7. Pickle jar, with one pickle (2 years expired)

8. Cell phone (Not used in 7 years)

9.… Continue

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just got the book yesterday

I have already cleared out 23 items, 2 bags of clothing to donate, town is having a rummage sale this weekend . My sale got stacked after I started reading the book. I buy things sometimes just because I'm mad or upset. My biggest items are purse, kitchen appliances and craft things. I come home at times with stuff I bought and wonder why I bought it. My brand new cricut machine that I bought 45 days ago is going back to michael's never opened it, all the miscellaneous appliances that I… Continue

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Yes, here I am at the halfway point!


25 THINGS GONE! Stuff from individual jelly packs, to the out of date hat....

stuff from decrepit boots to old papers, old mugs, cups and bowls.....Gave travel mags and a a catalogue back to loved one.

Right now, a BIG tote bag sits out in the entrance hall awaiting delivery to a charitable institution.

The Charm bracelets were WELCOMED by my friends.

Oh, yes...found a website that accepts eyeglasses and… Continue

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Attic - part one - Cedar Closet

Welcome to the third floor of our house...we are lucky enough to live in an old Victorian home with (almost) a full third floor which houses my studio, girls playroom, storage spaces and a nice size closet that we lined in cedar and use for out of season storage. Now, none of these spaces are very our house you keep going up, not out...but we're really fortunate that everyone kind of has a spot even if it's small.

There is so much going on on the third floor of my house that… Continue

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Bedroom - My stuff

A few weeks ago, I got really tired of our bedroom being a dumping ground for everything and the last room that got house-cleaned so I spent an entire day while the girls were at school cleaning, organizing, tossing and moving furniture in our room. It is sooooo much better now. It is still a really small room with about 2 ft around all sides of the bed but all of my clothes are on "my" side of the bed, I cleaned out the pile of stuff that was accumulating in the corner, and managed to transfer… Continue

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Room One: Bathroom - part 2 ... especially for Gail!

Spring sports and scouts are in full swing around here but I'm still managing to keep weeding through stuff!

One last bathroom toss: old make-up, probably ditched about 1/3 of what I had and it gave me a chance to scrub out the bag I keep it in to boot!

Total bathroom items: 6

Grand total: 6

And, especially for Gail!

Dragonflies !

And our new tidy, organized,… Continue

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Monday Morning Motivator-NOW'S THE TIME!

Okay, it's Monday, all right. And it's going to be good week. I'm not kidding. Here's why: Because this is the week you're going to stop waiting and start acting, start living, start stepping forward. Enough with the waiting - waiting for the right moment, waiting to be invited, waiting for the planets to be aligned, waiting for the children to be older, waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel. No, this is the week you're going to step forward - uninvited -and present your good self.… Continue

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The Email demon

Emails - friend or foe?! OK we all have them, lots of them, loads of them. I have two email accounts, my main one and a Yahoo one I use for purchases and store emails. Gail, I can't remember off the top of my head if you specifically addressed the email thing but..... This is an ongoing battle that I know everyone shares! Right now, I have 49 emails in my inbox and 399 to delete- click - 399 things hanging over my head GONE!

Now I will admit I file a lot of emails in their own… Continue

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Not waiting to finish the book!

I've read self-help books before and finished the book before starting the process! Not this time! I started the book last night, got boxes of receipts out of the attic (I was going to file them ALL....yeah, right.!) I shredded this morning until the shredder overheated. I have a huge bag of shredding to deliver to the recycling center, but I already took all the cardboard boxes! In the past, I would have saved those old shoe boxes to 'use them again'. Today, as I emptied each one, I flattened… Continue

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Do the nit-picky things count?

Tackled the refrigerator:

2 jars ancient pickled beets tossed--and containers returned to owner. Points: 1

some old packets of jelly---points: 1

Tossed out large bag of garbage.

Tossed remains of easter cake....1 point

Tossed out one book.

Put aside about 6 travel magazines to return to person I borrowed them from...ditto, a catalog or two. 1 point

Enjoyed a beautiful Summer-like Sunday and did exactly as I pleased.....tossed the guilt right out the… Continue

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I just got this 'book' from and I love it! I can't wait to start throwing. I knew with the spring that I was going to declutter and weed things out--but now I have more reason to REALLY clean house and get thin! (of stuff!)

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Dropping things ...

Hi ... Just got the book and got halfway through it in one sitting ... amazingly, I've been doing much of the physical shedding for the last year ... books, closets, drawers, and felt extremely liberated. There's one thing that should be counted ... hair dye!! I've been coloring my gray for the last 25 years and recently I decided to stop and go gray .. gray? Fuhgeddaboutit!! How about white??? I started at Christmas and it's taking a time, but by this summer, I should look like Emmylou Harris… Continue

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