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Books, books and more books!

Feeling charged, I tackled a mound of books in my house (seen in this picture)!

I emptied a storage closet in another room and placed most of my favorite books in there. (The storage closed once held my eldest son's items and he is now living in his own apartment).

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hi and low point in my two week journey to throw out fifty things

I just threw out the hardest thing, my relationship. I had so many hopes that it would work out but instead we were stuck. It took me 2 weeks to get enough courage to let go. I am still crying myself to sleep but I know it will get better and more importantly I know I did the right thing. On the upside when I picked my song, the universe confirmed my choice by playing it as I got into my car 2 minutes after choosing it. It's Kris Allen's Live like we're dying. The chorus saids 86 400 seconds in… Continue

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My list so far

I just started a week ago and haven't been very systematic about it, like going room to room, or anything. Just once a day or so trying to add something to the list.

So far:

1.) bag of trash out of car - this is a biggie for me; I tend to treat my car as a bottomless purse of clutter.

2.) seven packing boxes broken down and taken to curb.

3.) old keyboard. It still works, but so what? I'd been hanging on to it as a 'backup' but with keyboards costing 15… Continue

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Sending my wedding dress to Goodwill

Today is our 38th wedding anniversary, and as part of my "50 things" I put my wedding dress into the bag for Goodwill. It is Moygashel linen, handmade, very dated. I've been moving it around all these years, but today seemed like the right day to move it off the inventory.

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Found my song today...

Liz Phair's "I am Extraordinary" !

Although most of the rest of the lyrics don't apply ( I am not suffering from unrequited love nor have become a stalker ) I do ever so like the main line of the chorus : "I am extraordinary, if you'd ever get to know me..."

And, it has a rockin' beat that makes me want to jump on my treadmill and run for a while, at least. That kind of energy can hopefully be channeled when I need it from now on.

And don't you…


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Up to about 18 but still going...

Just been reading Gail Blanke's Throw Out 50 Things.

Fifty??? I could probably throw out 1 bazillion and 50 and it still might not make a dent in the stuff in my life. However - let's not get all negative before we start as that's a prime example of one of the behaviours I need to throw out: my need to put myself down. Guess what? The emotional stuff - the negative voices,… Continue

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17 things I've thrown out:

1) Old snapshots of distant relatives
2) 10 catalogs
3) 5 pairs of shoes
4) Spanx girdle
5) purse
6) 6 old hymnals
7) 3 magazines
8) tall kitchen trash bag full of too-small clothes
9) folder of info on cancer, from when I had chemo 2 years ago
10) 2 bracelets
11) makeup
12) belts
13) outdated work info - 3 sacks worth!!
14) 2 candles
15) wall picture
16) 5 books
17) 2 jewelry lapel pins

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50 Things Before Coffee

I'm working through the book and workbook - following the wonderful suggestions from Gail. For a little jumpstart each morning, though, I have adapted her concept of "Throw Away 50 Things."

Each morning, bleary-eyed, I grind the beans, put the grounds in the coffee maker, and push "brew." Immediately, I begin to look around to find 50 individual items to throw away. I look in the kitchen, dining room, and laundry room, in mail stacks, purses, junk drawers, and backpacks.…

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