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Boy have I been meaning to get to this! and Room One: Bathroom

I've always enjoyed and learned from Gail's columns in 'Real Simple', I've even clipped a few and sent them off to friends and family so I was psyched when I saw she was writing a book, and I requested it from the library as soon as it became available. I love the whole planning/organizing process (not that I don't love my "stuff" too) so this was right up my alley, I am sharing it with my sister as well. I am about 3/4 of the way through the book and it's great, am going to re-read the parts… Continue

Added by Sue Triggs-Rhuda on April 30, 2009 at 9:22am — 2 Comments

I am Wondering Where Day Two Went......

I know you all have been sitting on pins and needles, holding your breath awaiting the posting of day two of my throw out 50 things adventure.

I have a confession to make. I haven't gotten to day two yet. Life decided to intervene and I went out of town to visit my mom in Georgia.

I have another confession. I lost my Throw Out 50 Things book. I know it is in the house.....somewhere. I just haven't been able to put my hands on it lately. It must be avoiding me. I need to… Continue

Added by Cindy Dunston Quirk on April 29, 2009 at 4:26pm — 2 Comments

Almost there...

I'm at 48. I have so much space here now. Now to organize what's staying!

Added by A L Tucker on April 24, 2009 at 4:13pm — 2 Comments

Day Two

I have another bunch of things to get rid of, give away, sell. I was feeling a little bad that while I'm getting rid of things, I'm buying things, but the two "big" things I've bought will help me! I got an ion-usb-turntable to digitize my records, and a quick photo scanner to digitize photos (and share with old friends on Facebook).

I'm going through and finding things to get rid of, and while doing so, I've tidied a bit, but I haven't CLEANED yet. That should be easier without all… Continue

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I did it

My daughters school is having a clothing/toy drive fundraiser. The school earns a set amount of money per pounds. Perfect chance to take that step and get rid of my 50 things so I got a trash bag and went to my closet. My plan was to fill that bag with 50 items. To my surprise I lost count as I went from one closet to the next and ended up with 4 bags of cloths and shoes. I took them to the drop off with a huge smile on my face. Not only did I clear some of my clutter but the items are off to… Continue

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I started throwing things out today. I started in the bedroom. Threw out a bunch of shirts that are not quite long enough--they stop at JUST the right place to make me look bigger. Went through drawers and the closet, and ended up with a big bag of pretty nice things (LL Bean dresses with tags still on them--they ALSO have waistlines just a little too high). There are sweaters and shirts and pants and shorts, dresses and one blue suit. Gone! Then I went into the bathroom, where I sorted… Continue

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a new day

So today I jotted down some things I could tell from eyesight needed to be let go of, including

19. old work binder

20. hair clips

21. old camera

22. old phone

23. pill box

24. lint brush

25. old moisturizing lube

26. old ear plugs

27. ear plug case

28. chap stick I never used

lots of trash.

I really am sensing some anxiety in getting rid of things. I hope tomorrow will be a better day and that I do some crucial… Continue

Added by lexismd on April 22, 2009 at 5:51pm — 1 Comment

thank you Gail

Here is the beginning of my life long journey to throw out fifty things and some more. This is a liberating experience of ridding myself of things I've become emotionally attached to in some way, or felt guilty for throwing so much away because my mom saved everything. I'm an adult and it's no excuse. Thank you Gail for being the supportive friend I need to make my dream of being clutter-free a reality. Here's what I have let go of since last night.

1. 22 bottoms (shorts,… Continue

Added by lexismd on April 21, 2009 at 7:00pm — 1 Comment

Delightfully Unemployed

Yes, since Friday. And that is really how I feel!

Page xxi in the Introduction, Gail shares a story about a woman who ended an 11 year relationship when she realized that it was holding her back and weighing her down. I loved the story, but I didn't feel the resonance in my own life. My response was "Good for her!" I realize I was like the frog swimming in a lovely stainless steel pond. Unbeknownst to the frog and me the flame had been ignited under the kettle. Just like the frog, I… Continue

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I started today!

I had seen the book and interview by Gail Blanke on the Today show a few weeks ago. I got my book over the weekend and started reading while I was out of town. Today, I started on the bedroom. Made it through the closet and two drawers so far. Two big bags full of items to donate to the local women's shelter resale shop. I've also downloaded the worksheet to use to record my progress.

As I was going through the sock drawer, I found it was not quite as overwhelming as the underwear… Continue

Added by Dee Turner on April 20, 2009 at 5:03pm — 2 Comments

Day One

So I saw this book about throwing out fifty things in Real Simple magazine on Sunday while I was at a friend's home. It looked interesting so I purchased the book on Tuesday when I was in Indianapolis.

Background on my clutter. I am not a collector, nor a pack rat. I just don't have the talent, time or patience to clean as I go. My house looks like a tornado just swept through it on any given day. Between me, my husband and two dogs---one nine years old and a ten month old pup, it… Continue

Added by Cindy Dunston Quirk on April 15, 2009 at 9:53pm — 3 Comments

Even a professional organizer needs helpful hints

Just started your book this morning and I love it. I am actually quite good, but we are in the process of trying to sell our house so we can downsize and the last place I need to purge is the attic which is organized but holds too much memorabilia. Reading the book is really going to help my trip down memory lane (am I ever going to write a book about my painful, expensive, unfair divorce 10 years ago? I've been keeping all the paperwork just incase, but I know in my heart it needs to go!)… Continue

Added by Heidi Robinson on April 15, 2009 at 2:31pm — 2 Comments

Weeding out the closet.

These ideas worked for me:

Tell people you are going to give them clothes before you tackle the closet. For example, my friend and I have been dieting and working out. She went down to a size 8, and I went down to a six. Most of the stuff in my closet is already a six, (it was just too tight for a few months, now it fits) I told her that I would give her my size eight shorts. Then, as I was going through my closet I was looking for stuff to give her. I made a special stack for her. I… Continue

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Let the Games Begin

Q: What do you get when you combine a penchant for novelty and separation anxiety?


It is not in my nature to let go of things easily. I don't hate it but I really don't like it either. So this is not going to be easy for me. Not to mention that staying on task is not my forte. I am a GREAT starter but have a tough time finishing things. I am hoping that I can get through this exercise and then use the experience as a template for other… Continue

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Baby Steps

FINALLY burned the DVD's and backed up data from two computers rarely used; discard list for that day

1. MacMini computer

2. Apple eMac computer

3. large computer box taking up too much floor space in a home office

4. bottle of old carpenter glue (noticed 1999 expiration date1)

5. Four bottles of hairspray refills never used (that does count as four items?)

6. Two perfume bottles

7. Two garbage bags of shredded papers and files

8. Box out outdated… Continue

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ebay and other auction sites

I saw Gail the other night in CT and mentioned outloud that I have made a commitment to putting at least one thing of value on ebay everyday. To date I have sold over 300 things.........simple, and easy.

Added by Mike Moretti on April 8, 2009 at 10:46pm — 2 Comments

50 things ... for the 10th year (or more!)

I have been throwing 50 things out for a very long time, and still am trapped by piles of clutter. It is all my responsibility, and I feel lost.

I bought your book in DIGITAL format instead of printed format in the hope this will be one less "thing" in my house/mind.

Here I go ...

Added by Valerie Olivo on April 7, 2009 at 4:39am — 3 Comments

Moving along on the road to a clutter free life. Spring break- what good timing!

Donate/Trash/Give to girlfriends:

10- old food from pantry - a big trash bag full

11- an old wooden vhs tape holder that I stuck boxes of freezer bags in to prop them up (totally unnecessary why did I do this?)

12- empty ceramic holder that used to hold wooden spoons

13- broken remote control helicopter (2 of these)

14- big stack of PTA brochures about your child and video games that I never passed out (we all know what they say)

15- portable CD… Continue

Added by Liz Cooke on April 6, 2009 at 8:10pm — 2 Comments

Where to get rid of stuff

I moved about every 3 years when I was a kid and have never been a pack-rat (I thought). In fact, when I first left home, I wanted to be able to live out of a backpack (not as a lifestyle, but in terms of not hording and being free to come and go as I pleased). Then 12 months ago I suddenly felt completely overwhelmed by my life, and started to declutter my life, and I am STILL amazed by how much I still come across that contributes nothing to my life.

I am also very committed to… Continue

Added by Elske on April 6, 2009 at 6:24pm — 2 Comments

It's not the gift, it's the lack of thought that counts...

First of all, I'm not a pack rat. I purge all the time, but there are always a few piles of school paperwork, kids art work, and random items. This book is helping me tackle them. Very cool.

A funny issue we have is my husband gets the worst gifts from his family. The useless stuff, like page a day calendars with pictures of Ireland, those metal chinese puzzles that you have to take apart (he's been getting those for 25 years - he had never enjoyed them (WHY DO THEY KEEP GIVING THEM… Continue

Added by Liz Cooke on April 6, 2009 at 1:13pm — 4 Comments

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