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#15, #16 and #17

#15 Gave a cover to the piano I don't own any more to a friend.

#16 load to Goodwill (from attic)

#17 load to dump (from attic)

a would like to get to #25 this weekend so I can be half finished with my fifty things. This is taking longer than I thought.

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Not Feeling Too Springy...

Spring Cleaning! Somehow it seems like I am becoming more buried than ever in this process! Things that were strategically tucked away in hiding are now exposed to the world, correction my world. And to add insult to injury on of my daughters moved last week and of course some of the furniture moved back home. How does that happen?

I guess the excitement that archeologist feel when they uncover an ancient tomb, is also followed by the realization that they are now going to have to… Continue

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I'm thrilled to report that the paperback version of Throw Out Fifty Things; Clear the Cutter, Find Your Life hits book stores today! As I've mentioned, the book seems to have struck quite a chord. It's won the prestigious Multiple Sclerosis Society's…


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Bogged down

I'm stuck. I haven't given up or decided that this is not important. I just haven't had time to think about the project. Graduate school, a new grand-baby on the way, work ... but I know none of these are good excuses. I have a list of the next few items that need to go and I can't get them gone! Obviously procrastination is a factor in needing to throw out 50 things. I'm not attached to my stuff, I'm not a hoarder and very little is of any material value. I just need to haul it off!!! I think… Continue

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throw out 11 things already

1) paper product
2) old jewel that are not worth much
3) clothing: clothes, jacket, shoes, accessories, etc
4) cosmetic: tons unused
5) electronics: busted MaCbook, etc
6) art supplies
7) old paintings and picture frames
8) kitchen utencil
9) clothing hanger

what more can I throw out?

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Lost 50 hours somewhere

Wow, haven't been back here since 3/4 and I thought the last 2+ days had slipped by! There goes over a week into oblivion. Why is it that all good intentions seem to be in constant battle with time? Sun Tzu says that all battles are won before they begin. The strategy is to force the enemy to reveal himself, then we can take them on with no surprises. But time is a deep thing to take on. Along the way man has mandated that all things be cut into nice little 24 hour blocks, that grow into days,… Continue

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Things to know about online cash advance


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Greetings from Muscat, Oman.

Hello everyone. My name is Paul. My wife, Rhanda, and I moved to Muscat, Oman from Houston, Texas. We thought this would be a clutter releaving experience. Instead, our company showed up at our house with a 40 foot shipping container and the entire Mexican army... Within three days, our entire house, including drawers full of clutter, was boxed, packed, wrapped and stuffed into a 40 foot container from top to bottom and back to front. We are two people who have to live in a five bedroom…


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I had the best time in Birmingham visiting Throw Out Fifty Things coach, Linda Levin and her "Letting Go Groups"! Wow, what terrific women! Thanks to Linda's superb coaching these gals have let go of all sorts of physical and emotional baggage - and they aren't done yet! And the best thing is they're "paying forward" some of the things they no longer need. They collected over 60 prom dresses - theirs and their friends - and donated them to the Birmingham YWCA so that other young women can wear… Continue

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Throwing out 50 words of wisdom from DM Thompson

All of what you become tomorrow started yesterday. As you read this the thoughts will form actions that will determine where you will ultimately end up. Don't like where it's going? Just for a moment look back at yesterday and let it go. Look forward, moving into your dream life.


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50 x 10+ GONE!

Sometimes we don't think about the new world of "electronic clutter", e-mails, news letters, and the like. SPAM filters help clear the path a bit but there are still all those mails we ASK FOR! Yesterday I made a conscious effort to remove all the "e-clutter" from my virtual life. I made folders for the things, I would like to read or just want to keep and important e-mails in 3 categories; personal, business and reference. My virtual life was becoming out of control!

This project of… Continue

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Making Progress

One of the distractions in my home is the amount of PAPER that has accumulated over the 26 years I have lived here.

The Paper Trail includes clippings, pages from magazines; and letter-size sheets of paper about my Hobbies, club records, saved "newspaper articles", medical receipts, vet receipts, and my son's paper trail from grade school to graduation - and has exploded to over ten file cabinet draws! It is a arduous task of digging through. I have gone through a lot of it…


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Short of my goal...

My goal of getting rid of one thing everyday last week was not realized. I need to get back on track. I haven't even gotten to the half way mark.

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#14 Another re-gift

Shirt I received for Christmas did not fit and did not have tags. I gave it to a friend.

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Gave one hundred fifty...

...minutes away yesterday to help get a new not-for-profit organization off the ground :) Visit my website to find out more about:

A Day of Transformation - Women's Conference…


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