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Finally threw out that single black glove...

It came into the house in a bag of stuff cleaned out of the car in 2006. The other most likely fell out of the car in a random parking lot and has disintegrated into dust by now. The bag stayed in the laundry room waiting to be sorted through until yesterday. After sifting through the entire bag of old un-opened junk mail and stuff, well over 50 things were let go of. In fact only 3 things were kept; a wrench, an envelope of bank statements and a little booklet called "a Glimmer of… Continue

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Caught up!

Up to 100 things out of my life for good! another 50 today...

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A day late and 9 items short...

So I did not get rid of 50 things yesterday, I only "found" 41 things I was "willing" to part with in and around the kitchen area and they are sitting on the floor in the office awaiting their immanent fate. Let's review, shall we?

1. Disposable utility lighter. Out of fluid. - DISPOSABLE should have been taken to heart sooner.

2. Chopsticks. -again the DISPOSABLE kind.

3. Fire Crackers?

4. Combination lock - forgot combination.

5. Another combination lock -… Continue

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What if I need it/that/them tomorrow!!!

Day One... I see LOTS of things that could disappear this moment and I would probably never think of them again! As I start to pick up the things on the top, the voice in my head pipes up with What if I need it/that/them tomorrow!!! There are many things that I haven't even used yet. The cute guest soaps that do not match my bathroom and the skirt I bought on clearance, clearance, clearance sale, it's not the right size NOW, but it will be as soon as I start using those exercise videos I over… Continue

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#13 New Sweater

Today I'm giving a new sweater to a friend. Still has the tag. It was a gift that did not come close to fitting me and there were was no receipt. It is perfect for my friend. She's also a friend who can use some cheering up. I hope this helps her.

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#12 bag of candy

Today I rounded up a bag of lollipops and candy that was in my kitchen and gave it away. I didn't need to eat it. It was also a step in not having it in the house at all, a goal of mine.

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Back in the Game with #11

It doesn't seem like much, but I threw away 10 ink pens that did not write. I count this as one thing. I've challenged myself to throw out at least one thing a day for the next week. This is day one.

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Happiness is letting go

I've always been a non-clutter person, but last week I gave to the American Cancer Society's Discovery Shop (all proceeds are given to the cancer society) a winter coat, 2 sportscoats, 3 blouses/tnecks, 2 sweaters, trivets, and books. I have another box for them that's filled with a crystal candle stick, 2 brass candle sticks, a few more books, a pewter trivet, etc. I just went through the house and decided what I had no emotional investment in and need for--and out it goes. It's so… Continue

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Amex-OPEN Women's Business Summit-Day2-Today was the day I needed!

Written by Abbey Diaper Designs

AGGHHH! Are you kidding?? I don't even know where to start, Gail Blanke spoke again today and she is just a wealth of inspirational proverbs. I was just about moved to tears when she started talking about the voices from the past....mmmhhmmhhmm(shaking my head side to side). Over the last year going through this starting my own business process I have been overwhelmed at times by these voices from my past which are appropriately enforced by…


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Throw Out Fifty Things « marian isel wellness

another terrific review....

I’m reading Gail Blanke’s new book, “Throw Out Fifty Things”, and at first I thought she was nuts. Fifty things! Her theory is that once you begin to declutter your home/life, a certain momentum and energy kicks in and propels you forward. You become the person who steps out, not the one who waits for life to happen. The results are unbelievable…


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Keep it or Toss it?

Enjoy this article in O Magazine especially #4 in the "Toss it if..." section.

Keep it or Toss it O Magazine.pdf

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#8, #9 and #10

Two bags of clothes and a bag of random odds and ends to Goodwill. With 10 things gone I have completed 20% of the challenge.

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Helping You Organzie

Enjoy this terrific review from : Lelah Baker-Rabe Los Angeles,

I told you a couple of weeks ago that I was…


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Deciding what to count...

I keep finding small random things to get rid of but I'm afraid I will get to 50 too soon and not really have made a difference in my personal space. I'm going to go at it like an auction. There will be box lots that count as only one item.

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What is "Your Song"??

I really like "Dont Worry, Be Happy" for my song! I am still trying to get to fifty total. I threw out one of my two jobs this week.... I am getting really tired and achey.... being over 60 is not a good time to have two jobs!!! Have given notice at my second job, too, and will take over the care of my new baby grand twins when their mum goes back to work in May. Its a bit of a scarey step outside the square, but have been helped along by the motivation I have received from reading Gail's… Continue

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February is women's heart month - and for good reason: Heart disease is the #1 killer of women. More women die from heart disease than all the cancers put together. In fact, a woman dies from heart disease at the rate of one every minute. And many of them - many of us - didn't have to. I always considered myself the very last person in the world who would ever have "heart trouble." I was wrong. Read this column which I orginally wrote for Real Simple magazine, and find out why. And then decide… Continue

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#6 and #7

A box of clothes goes to a friend's house for her daughter. Another box goes to Goodwill. I've decided that if I am willing to fill a box or bag and drop it off to strangers, it can only count as one item. The clothes have been in the boxes for two months with me trying to decide what to do with them. Today they are gone. That wasn't so hard.

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