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Clearing out...:)

I bought Gail's book on Fri., began my tossing out on Saturday, and now am 152+ objects lighter!  Many of these were groups, like Gail says, so it is actually much more...though I did count every clothing item as one, because these are some of the harder things to part with.

I cannot believe I could get rid of so many things, because at Christmas time I had already cleaned out my kitchen drawers, cupboards, and a couple of other areas in my house.  The fact that I got rid of so much…


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Letting Grandma Mom's Car Go

My daughter Holly had inherited my Mother's 1994 Saturn when she passed away in late 2003 after a bout with lung cancer. Having driven station wagons most of her life to chauffer us kids, the Saturn was the first car she chosen for herself.  She had told me she wanted Holly to have it.  It had approximately 9,000 miles on it when she took it over. 

Holly has been very…


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The Kitchen Drawer

I emptied the kitchen drawer and wrote down EVERY single thing in there !!

172 items ! I could not believe it.

Address labels, pens, batteries, and on and on, things I had been looking for, but couldn't find in the clutter !

Things I needed to throw away, but just threw in the drawer, "just in case".

I threw out half the stuff, and put away another 1/4 "where it belongs"

And guess what, now I can see what's in my drawer !

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Considering what to pass down when decluttering

We 're a childless couple. When I 'm sorting through things, I find myself wondering whether to keep a sentimental item based on my childless status. For example I ran across a Memphis Horns poster and ticket stub. Who would want it in my extended family? Should I just chunk it? My husband thinks I should keep it. So it's in a box of things that I couldn't decide what to do with during the first round of sorting.

If it's an item given to me by a family member, I don't have this… Continue

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The Second Day, January 2, 2011

OK, I read the first chapter and agree with most of it. I actually had begun to throw stuff away about a month ago, so think it won't be a problem. My biggest problem is time. I run a home seamstress business and everyone wants their things "tomorrow".  Will read chapter two tonight.

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The first day January 1, 2011

I just bought the book today so haven't really started yet. I plan to read the book first and will do some each night before bed time.  I think this will be fun but at the same time a challenge. I am 75 years (in good health) but I don't want my girls to have to go through my "junk" when I die. 

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