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Take a look at this rather grumpy review by Raina Kelley, an assistant editor at Newsweek. Apparently, she doesn't believe that when you throw out the physical clutter you clear your mind - and when you throw out the mental clutter you clear your soul. But you and I know better...

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I'm impressed you included a "bad" review on your site, good for you! Reading it made me think about when my grandmother died...she had a three bedroom house with a large amount of cubby space as an attic. Her 5 children and many of her grandchildren went through the house together to get it ready to sell - and even though it was always tidy in the rooms - her closets told a different story of 75 years of accumulation! I was in my glory ;) but I remember the anguish my mom and her siblings went they did for her what Ms. Kelley has probably never experienced...handled someone elses clutter. So even though she denies that the problem is actually, just that, a problem...tons of unnecessary baggage really does weigh down on other people too, even if it isn't bothering her yet. I'd have to bet that she'd be singing a different tune if she was free of her sounds like she's just not ready to face it!
I saw the same article and I agree with you totally!
Hmmm...where does that lady live, anyway? Where does she put all of her 'collections'--besides in storage, I mean.
I don't even have an attic...or a basement! Yep...some cat figurines, statuettes, and memorabilia are fine, I say, but once the 6 Sterilite/Rubbermaid containers in my closet are full? Well, that's it. Think limits, everyone! Limits!

As for 'developing potential', I could not possibly do that in a maelstrom of 'collectibles' and chaos. Yes, I agree, getting rid of the physical stuff does help you to get rid of the psychological clutter!

Don't focus on those that don't like you, right? I read the book today, couldn't put it down. Gotta get off the computer & start tossing! Thank you for writing such a great book!
Kudos to you Gail for posting an unflattering review, that took guts.

With all due respect to the writer, I think she missed part of the point. The way I see it, getting rid of the physical is the starting point to sorting out the mental and emotional stuff. Honestly, you're never going to truly wipe your memory but the point is to acknowledge it and move past it. It's the PROCESS !

Plus, seriously, now we all know what unbounded consumerism has done to ourselves, our communities, our country and the world at large. Couldn't have come at a better time!
I just got Gail's book yesterday afternoon (and read it through last night) and it has inspired me to get going TODAY.....which I was NOT going to do with all the kitty-hair-coverd piles around me (my Mom passed away last year, and then my Dad a few months later ~ I am an only child and was their caregiver) ~ I had been too depressed ~ or at least that's what I told myself ~ to care if I did anything as far as organizing or parents were both children of the Depression era, and neither of them threw anything out (I have been burning checks of my Dad's that date from 1952!) ~ much of what I brought from my Dad's in December I just put on top of my already burgeoning piles of stuff ~ Gail, if there was one thing in your book that stood out the most to me was that it's memories that count, not things (certainly not every feed-store cap my Daddy wore) ~ and, that I didn't want to overwhelm yet another generation ~ my children ~ with deciding what to keep and what to let go. (Okay, I guess that's two things).
I think Ms.Kelley is in denial....
This is going to work, I can feel it!
Anne Launius Berbling
Obviously she isn't ready to let go of some of the stuff, regardless of whether it is mental, emotional or physical. But, I do get it. I have seen it work in my life as well as in others lives. But the wonder of life is that not everyone will like what you have to say, and everybody is able to think for themselves. So whatever she needs to tell herself as to why something does or doesn't work is her choice, just know that there are many more people who know that this works. I have read many self-help books, mostly on organizing and finding your power, but this is the first on I was not able to put down,I read it in one day (that usually only happens with a really good novel) and found it inspiring. Good work Gail.
Gail, the Good Neighbor's Thrift Store thanks you for your support. They are the only ones recieving material rewards for my reading your book. It's a library book. The writer of that review is a little paranoid about advertising. I agree that most of the time folks advertise because they are selling something that people don't want and don't need, and that can be a bad thing. But sometimes, they really are offering something that will enhance the quality of your life. Throwing out stuff is totally enhancing my life, and I thank you for the idea!
well, it certainly is a start- letting go can give you freedom of space and freedom of choice. I have not read your book yet but I am sure that you are not promoting that this just happens over night but it does help. ( step by step- it is a process.) shhhhhhhhh
Don't tell anyone this but I tossed out or gave away 1001 things this spring and it did bless me and gave me peace of mind. When something stops bringing you joy then it is time for it to move on out.

I do not think the lady really thought the whole process through yet.
I am creating a new Meme so I need to toss out the clutter that is not bringing me joy anymore. I will keep my teapots but those vases have to go-------(smile)
hugs from Meme who has not read your book or found it in Canada yet-
Gail- thank you for replying to my reply here- I should clarify that tossing out includes giving away and or donating--I have changed the word to clearing out as it covers all modes of tossing- I hope to get into the city soon where I can buy the book but will enjoy this site until then- I could sell somethings but a long time ago hubby and I made a decision to just give away what we do not need any longer. Last July, dear hubby passed away from pancreatic cancer and before he died, we discussed ''letting go'' of all this stuff from over 42 years of marriage. He did not want me to tie myself down to memories by keeping all his stuff-- so I am dealing with my things- his things and our things- and I am sure that your book would be a great help to me- so I will look forward to reading it soon- clutterlings are things that do not belong in my life and that is why I want to find my joy in this new journey of widowhood. Hubby was all about joy and my joy will honor him more than my grief.
again thanks - from Meme in Canada

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