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Monday Morning Motivator-IT'S ALWAYS EASIER NOT TO ACT...



It really is. Whether you're talking about starting a new relationship, launching a new product or embarking on a whole new career. It's always easier to build a case for waiting, for doing more research, for not deciding - for, at least for now - ditching the dream. I mean, if you're doing a cost/benefit analysis, the benefits of doing nothing can be extremely seductive: you won't lie awake worrying about whether or not you made the right decision, you won't risk "it" not working, you won't risk looking foolish, you won't risk failing. Are you kidding? But wait. What about  the cost? What will you be missing? What about the learning? What about growth? What about becoming more than you were before? What about getting a kick out of the thrill when it works? I know a wonderful woman who, in our work together, discovered her true passion in life - the answer to the question, "If absolutely anything were possible, what would I love to make happen?" "I want to be an entertainment lawyer," she said. "I want to go to law school. That's what I've always wanted...since I was little." "Let's do it," I said. She went home and announced her decision to her husband. "I've decided to go to law school!!" she said. "Are you nuts?!!" he said. "Do you know how old you'll be when you graduate?!? Fifty!!" But this marvelous woman simply paused and said quietly, "I'll be fifty anyway." She graduated from law school a couple of years ago - and is now an entertainment lawyer with a topnotch firm. She's loving it. So next time you think about a cost/benefit analysis...think again.

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Gail, you totally confirm my present path in life. Three years ago I took early retirement as a schoolteacher and risked crashing and burning: I was given the position of associate pastor of four churches. SCARED. TO. DEATH.  It has not been easy, but I have grown in and into the role with God's help. Presently I am attending a seminary with other second-career people and hope to finish in a few years. However, lately some higher-ups have decided I am capable of leading three churches as senior pastor. Though they are not big churches, the work will be abundant as well as rewarding. And for the past 18 months I have led a yoga class composed of a half dozen or so ladies ranging from 40 to 70.  We all have grown to love and need yoga. So I hope each of your readers can find intentional living to be as much of a joy as I do. I'm 60 years old with more energy than when I was 40. What a kick when the risk works out! Oh, yeah. Thanks for the reminder on cost/benefit analysis, Gail!

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