Throw Out Fifty Things

I want to hear everyone else's favorite excuses. I know mine "I just don't have time right now..."

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Sometimes I have the same thoughts as Vic. "Why bother, it'll just get like this again."
Oh My!! That is it! But first.. but first! Maybe now that I know what my excuse is, I might be able to overcome it!! Of course, first I have to sit for a few minutes and take a load off! No, I am getting up now and getting started in the kitchen. Thanks Heather!

Heather said:
I'm a "but first" organizer. I'm going to file these papers, but first I have to remove the papers from the existing files and put them in recycling, but first I have to empty the recycle bin and take it to the recycling center, but first I have to clean out the back of my truck and put away my camping gear that's sitting there, but first I have to find a spot in the garage to put the camping gear so I have to move the gardening equipment to the potting bench, but first I have to move the potting bench closer to the garden, but first...

By the end of the day I'm exhausted from all the work I did in my head, but nothing got accomplished!

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